Saturday, February 18, 2006

Irritating unknown-reasons syndrome

My laptop is down with the "Irritating unknown-reasons syndrome". I started encountering some of its symptoms a couple of weeks ago. However the first signs were noticed about a month ago, where it kept giving me a message prior to even booting/starting up.. something along the lines of "Dude your hard drive is facing imminent failure so if you've got anything to back up now would be the right time", bear in mind that started happening out of the blue. I hadn't installed any new softwares or hardwares, nor had I dropped it a couple of times (something I felt like doing). So it beats me why I kept getting that message everytime I start up my laptop. Don't you just hate it when modern technology or machinery gives you attitude?

That was almost immediately followed by some weird erratical behaviour after each log in. Then just a couple of days before my finals I had trouble switching it on, I couldn't even get as far as the windows log in screen. I kept trying to access windows in several other ways until it (the laptop) thought it was about time it gave in. I didn't want to be put in that same situation again, especially that I had my finals in a couple of days so I decided to keep the sucker running until after my finals. Thats exactly what it did... it was left on continuously for a week or so. I started feeling sorry for both the laptop and myself. The laptop had enough, and I suppose my eletricity bill had enough too.

I intended on taking it to the hospital (agent or main dealer), and I made it to one of their wards (showrooms) just in the nick of time on a Friday. Little did I know that they had whole wards (showrooms) for each of their ranges of products. The one I paid a visit to was their photocopiers showroom. The notebook showroom I should've gone to was nowhere near it, and my next chance of taking it would be in another two days. So all in all I guess I'll be left without my laptop for about a week or so. Damn it! I should've known something like this would've happened... call it karma?

Basically I don't know when's the next time I'll see my beloved laptop rid of this syndrome. I hope it gets well soon. Until then I won't be posting.. as often. I'll try to every couple of days though.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Memory pill: revisited

Due to some good points in both the pro's and con's of the post titled "Memory altering pill - farfetched?" I decided to put up a poll. I simply put it up to get a better general idea of what people think of this pill, and whether or not they have the tendency or are willing to try it out. There wasn't a big number of votes, but just enough to give a general idea. The majority either didn't mind taking them or were hesitant and only one person opted for "no". The results show that 64% have the tendency to give the pills a shot. I suppose that backs up my reasoning. However I presume that some people weren't so sure about their decision due to insufficient info and clinical/medical research done on these pills as of yet.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Its funny how my siblings sometimes think I skipped some 10-12 years of my life and somehow magically appeared at my current age. They always think they can innocently lie to you about certain things, or trick you into some things. However, what never crosses their mind is the fact that I was once their age and had certainly gone through everything they're going through too. Well after the usual chat intro's and a long pause here's what happened:

Lil bro: Can you like... send me your pc's ip address?
(I knew he was up to no good right away, infact it was too straight-forward that he was insulting my intelligence)
Me: I like... CAN'T!
Me: This isn't what they meant by 'retrieving an ip address'!
(my attempt at taunting him)
Lil bro: ok now can you please give me your ip address?
(trying to make me feel insignificant, and showing me its just a matter of time until I give him what he wants)
Me: What?! so you can practice on me?
Lil bro: come on plz I just want to try out this program
(at this point he's given up all hope in trying to hide anything from me)
Me: go try it out on one of your friends
Me: and I dont know how to get it!
(of course I knew how, but too bad for him I haven't lost my mind yet)
Lil bro: go to my computer, right-click and click on properties
(it wasn't the way I had in mind but I was glad to give it a try)
Me: I couldn't find a thing
Me: use an ip sniffer
(it took too long and I felt sorry for him)
Lil bro: I have one of those but it'll take some time
Lil bro: (sends me a small pic)
Me: is that a pic or a patch file?!!
Lil bro: pic
Me: I have it..
(trying to work my way out of it)
Lil bro: its a PIC wallah!
Me: (accepting it)
Me: do you have my ip address now?
(an attempt at ridicule and mockery)
Lil bro: do you have any programs I can use?
(by now he's lost all hope)
Me: I used to, but not anymore
(...yep! that was the last of it)

If you're clueless then he was basically trying to hack into my computer, and he needed my ip address to do it. Despite all that I still love my siblings! =D

Monday, February 13, 2006

Your blogging type is...

I've been seeing them around for a while and thought I'd finally post my own =)

Your Blogging Type is Confident and Insightful

You've got a ton of brain power, and you leverage it into brilliant blog.
Both creative and logical, you come up with amazing ideas and insights.
A total perfectionist, you find yourself revising and rewriting posts a lot of the time.
You blog for yourself - and you don't care how popular (or unpopular) your blog is!
What's Your Blogging Personality?

How accurate is it? Well I wouldn't really say they're spot on, but you can be the judge of that :)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Movie Reviews: Revisited

Munich - It's a compelling movie that narrates some interesting historical events such as the Munich massacre at the oylmpics in the early 70's (which the movie is about) and black september. The trailer to this movie seemed appealing as it contained many interesting parts of the movie that really got my curiosity worked up. I couldn't wait until it was released, and once it was, it didn't fail to impress me. I really enjoyed it! I didn't have the slightest background information about any of the historical events in the movie, and that's why it was just as much of an educational experience as it was an entertaining one. I think the actors performed brilliantly and the they had played the movie/story out in detail which I saw as a plus. I also appreciated the fact that they tried to illuminate both sides of the conflicts without having to favour one side over the other.
My Rating: 9/10

Brokeback Mountain - Quoting CNN "It has been the subject of controversy and the subject of jokes -- how many times have you heard variations on "I wish I knew how to quit you" or seen parodies of its poster? -- but mostly "Brokeback Mountain" has been the subject of honors." The name of the movie is the actually the name of the mountain that most of the movie takes place in. It's a film that's recieved frequent publicity, and also a film that has been nominated for various awards including 'Best Picture', 'Best Director' and 'Best Actor' (Heath Ledger). The story revolves around a gay love story between two cowboys and the events and hardships that follow. Did I enjoy it? Not really, I expected much more of it after all the hype and controversy arising from it. Could I have came up with a better way to spend my time? Now that I've watched the movie.. I certainly can! If you can suppress all the silliness and laughter in you then.. scratch that.. dont go for it either way! Yes it was that bad/annoying/boring.
My Rating: 6.5/10

Requeim for a dream - The reason I rented this movie was because of all the recommendations I got from many friends. First of all I'll say that I didn't regret it for a minute! It was an indescribable.. ground breaking.. and a one of a kind movie! It boldly portrays the intricate ways by which drugs affect the users life. The movie is wonderfully shot, and takes the viewer through the movie as an omniscient observer.
My Rating: 9.5/10

American History X - I watched it for the second time and If I could sum up all the movies I've ever seen in my life and have a top ten list, then this movie would definitely make it on the list. An amazing and compelling drama that displays a sudden 180 degree change within the same character along the storyline. It's about extremities in racism and how they've affected a teenager, which in turn reflects all his hatred unto his own family that he loves and cares for. A MUST SEE!
My Rating: 10/10

The Jacket - A brilliant storyline that plays around with the chronological order of events. It tells the story of a man who suffered from amnesia after recieving an injury to the head in the Gulf War. The man is supposedly accused of manslaughter and is sentenced to time in an asylum for mentally ill criminals. He is subject to a series of strange and extreme means of psychological therapy, one of which enables him to time travel. A very entertaining movie. I really enjoyed it! Strongly recommended to fans of The Butterfly Effect, Memento and 12 Monkeys.
My Rating: 8.5/10

My House in Umbria - The only reason I was tricked into renting this movie was because of a tiny little sticker on it that read "Recommended viewing". I can't really remember the rating on the movie but I reckon it should be rated 60+.. not because of any strong/crude language, violence or nudity but because I believe that only much older people might enjoy it. The whole cast (except for 2) were old, it was a very slow type of movie, had no twists or bumps whatsoever... I won't go on. I'll just say it wasn't my type of movie :)
My Rating: 6/10

The Prince of Egypt - The movie I've been calling 'Ze Brince of Eegebt'. Despite it being a Dreamworks animated movie I admit that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It depicts the Exodus story in which the prophet Moses (Moosa AS) liberates the Hebrew slaves held captive by the Pharaoh. It was really nice to actually see the story I've heard several times in the form of an animation. Since the movie has religious significance then it will surely appeal to both adults and children alike :)
My Rating: 8.5/10

Just Friends - A once shy and overweight guy which was trapped in the friend zone back in high-school is now a totally new man. He had hopelessly loved his best friend and couldn't confess. Now that the tables have turned the story goes down a different track and she's put in his shoes. If you're looking for a dazzling movie with unprecedented storyline then this isn't the one for you, but if you're after a good laugh then this will do just fine.
My Rating: 7/10

Jarhead - "Welcome to the suck" no that wasn't an implication that the movie sucked. Infact it was enjoyable. It had so many laughs thrown in for the viewers, and the excessive use of foul language was quite funny at times. A brilliant depiction of the marine corps lives, and a very realistic portrayal of their experiences and adventures rather mischief. A profound performance that allows the viewer to share the moments. However it lacked faster continuity of events at some points which was probably the only downside to the movie.
My Rating: 7/10

Friday, February 10, 2006

"If memory serves me correctly I mentioned in one of my previous posts the glorious feeling of finishing exams. It's one of those feelings that never fades with time and is just as good as the first time it's happened..."

That's all I had written until I recieved a phone call from a friend of mine telling me that this other Emarati friend of mine that used to study here with us has passed away in a horrific car accident. As soon as he was done giving me the terrible news I made him swear it was true, and after he did I was left speechless. Some tens of memories had flashed before my eyes. I was also told that the story was reported on a site and it was true. I was obviously shocked, but what really got to me was the fact that I found him on flickr a week or two ago and sent him a message telling him that I've found his hiding spot, he replied with a " :) " asking me who I was and that he was sure he knows me. That message still remains in my inbox.. unanswered.

""انا لله و انا اليه راجعون
الله يرحمه و يدخله فسيح جناته

Well I guess I'll always remember this as the day the happiness of finishing exams was swept and tarnished by the death of a friend. I hope I'll be in a better mood and feel better tomorrow.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

8 .: Tag! :. 8

My finals are in 2 days but I'm doing this during a study break, so I guess I owe it to mimi for tagging me and giving me an excuse to get away from studies =)

This is a tough one... or maybe I've been studying for too long.

Eight weird things about me:
1. Eventually I (subconsciously) go around in circles when I'm talking on the phone. I noticed that it happens faster if its a call of high importance. I'm glad it doesn't happen when I'm driving :p (yes I talk on the phone while driving every now and then.. sue me!)
2. I recall some events that even date back to my early childhood in amusingly intricate details.
3. I have never had a nose-bleed in my life. (Al-hamdulillah - thank God)
4. I have never had any surgical operation in my life. (Al-hamdulillah - thank God)
5. I have never broken a bone in my life. (Al-hamdulillah - thank God)
(by now its quite obvious I've run out of things to say)
6. I have never had any stitches in my life. (Al-hamdulillah - thank God)
7. I'm very argumentative, opinionated and readily open minded.
8. I can easily get infatuated by certain things in life, and that infatuation can grow into an addiction.

(I think I'll be too demanding but here goes)
Eight attributes of my perfect lover:
1. Not anorexic, not clinically obese. Okay and not exactly everything in between will do.
2. She has to be able to control her moods all month!
3. Jessica Alba look-alike.
4. She has to have a sense of humour as well as appreciate one.
5. She has to be trustworthy and understanding.
6. She has to measure up to my mother (Allah ye5aleeha) in everything, if not better.
7. Intelligent, sincere and appreciative of the supreme importance of love.
8. She has to complete me.

(That it? but I'm not done yet lol)

I think I'm originally supposed to tag 8 people as part of the tag so I tag:
Ti3gib and/or Weirdgoat
Toxic Honey

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The inevitable, the imminent... the future

Human memory has a tendency to slip, and critical judgment to fade, with the years and with changes in life-style and circumstance. But the camera, just as it siezed the grim realities of that time, brings the stark facts...before our eyes without the need for the slightest embellishment. Today, with the remarkable recovery made by both Nagasaki and Hiroshima, it may be difficult to recall the past, but these photographs will continue to provide us with an unwavering testimony to the realities of that time. (Link)
-Yosuke Yamahata

The above is a quote that impressed me. I found alot of truth in it. Not only did it remind that its about bloody time I got myself a camera :p.. but it also made me realise a harsh and grim reality. It's something that is bound to catch up with us sooner or later, and I believe its just a matter of time. The thing about life is no matter how prepared you could possibly be for it, it'll certainly surprise you with one thing or another.

I was intrigued by the infamous Hiroshima and Nagasaki incidents whereby two atomic bombs were dropped on the cities and wiped everything out leaving behind nothing but rubble and over a hundred thousand casualties. The effects of the atomic bomb are so great that Nikita Khrushchev said that the survivors would envy the dead (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, 1982). The blast from an atomic bomb’s explosion will last for only one-half to one second, but in this amount of time a great deal of damage is done (Physicians and Scientists on Nuclear War, 1981). The only two cities to ever experience the devastating effects of the atomic bomb were the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I truly hope that the examples of these two cities are the first and last time that the power of the a-bomb is used, otherwise there's no telling what lies ahead...

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists of all time once said "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones"

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