Thursday, April 20, 2006


Please ignore the title, it has almost nothing to do with the post!

(This was jotted down 3-4 days ago, but I never got the chance to blog it, or actually I wasn't bothered)

Currently listening to: Agatsuma - Tears
(I know I've never had this "currently listening to" thing before but here's why)

My friend Karamazov introduced me to Agatsuma. Apparently he's a Japanese artist that plays the shamisen, a classical/traditional string instrument, and also mixes with modern rhythms. I was quickly infatuated by his work. I recommend him. So far I've heard about 4 tracks and all of them seem to share the same main characteristics, they all have the 'shamisen' playing in the background and contain relatively slow beats. Something new to my ears.

So much has happened in this last period. I don't even know where to start. I find myself constantly being bombarded with shocking news. Mostly news I'd rather not hear, since there's very little (if not nothing at all) that I can do about it. I've felt quite helpless a couple of times. All in all, it wasn't a nice feeling at all. I can't really say much about that topic.

I've been the mother of all procrastinators lately. That should change! Especially that it's our easter break and I have no plans for the whole break, I should be able to get alot of work done. Yes of course I have mountains of work to get through. I hate the fact that I can always delay yet manage to finish what's required of me last minute right before the due dates.

There've been a couple of things on my mind that I've wanted to blog about, but because I've been kind of lazy these past couple of days they've piled up.

That's about it for this post, but another one is on the way. I can pick up the signals already.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


PostSecret is a blog I used to frequent, but not anymore. Now I just visit whenever I'm bored and have the time. I really liked the idea behind it, basically it's "an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard".

I would't say that it's the kind of art I appreciate, however there are a couple of postcards that are truly amazing. What I find capturing are the actual lines on the cards. Here are some lines I really liked from their current collection:

"I chose my bridesmaids based only on their looks"

"Ever since you called me fat I have been using your toothbrush to make myself throw up"

"I've been too far out all my life - and not waving, but drowning"

"I used to think that being pregnant meant someone loved you. (It's not true)"

"I'm so scared that when my parents are finally gone... a significant part of my heart will die forever."

"All my presentable writing has been about a blind boy who will never be able to read my words."

These were the ones that got me thinking a bit.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Once this guy in a wheelchair hated me so much, that he just stood up and left the room!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A dream I had

I had this dream not more than a week ago. It was one of those dreams that seem to be so realistic that even when you're wide awake it feels like it really did happen. I was about to play something on my laptop when I thought to myself that perhaps it's a good idea to jot this down somewhere, and so I did. I recalled some things in detail and others were really blurry. The following is a refined version of what I had dreamt:

I suddenly found myself in a rather weird atmosphere. I was getting married. I was all fired up about it... the feeling wasn't what I had expected it to be. I remembered how everyone told me that it would be one of the best times/days in their lives. But for some odd reason it certainly wasn't one of mine. I remember sitting there (not quite sure where) uneasy for one reason, and depressed for another reason. I didn't even know who my wife was, maybe that explains the depression. It just wasn't clear to me at the time. I was trying to atleast show that I was happy on the outside to please others around me but I even failed to do that... I then had a couple of guesses at who my wife could be. I was very pleased when I guessed a couple of names and felt disappointed/nervous when I guessed others. The names that pleased me did so because I was totally comfortable with them, and the names that didn't please me didn't do so accordingly. I also recall someone coming up to me and telling me something like "this is it.. this is the day you'll remember for the rest of your life.. I'm sure you're happy" and I simply smiled it off. That's pretty much it.

A short entry, but I'll be back soon (hopefully).

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