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Fairness or racism?

مقالة أعجبتني في ضوء مباريات خليجي 18

[An article I liked concerning the current Khaleeji 18 matches (18th Arabian Gulf Cup)]

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Just in case you're still refusing to climb out of that cave of yours, or if you're one of those people that couldn't care less about all the fuss going on due to the Omani National team's current achievements in the Gulf Cup, this might enlighten you.

The above article criticizes the fairness (or lack thereof) of the host countries spokespeople, representatives and even it's higher ranking officials in their football association. The injustice done to the Omani supporters and to the national team has been a hot topic that's been discussed everywhere from the radio to the workplace and even family gatherings.

How serious is this issue? What could the consequences be and what could they lead to?
I'm pretty sure that by now most of you would have a clue about the answers to those two questions, and I'm sure we'd all agree that it's something that shouldn't be overlooked.

What I'd really like to know though: Is there room for improvements and making up for those mistakes very soon?


Blogger a7MeDiNo said...

Everyone knows that Oman vs UAE is like a Derby. Dont know why Emarati's are racist against us, the funny thing is..they are a part of us. I do not honestly believe in something called UAE, it is a part of Oman, not an independant country. Isnt that so? Anyways i dont want to bring politics here. This issue is very serious, having the fans getting racist against us, being pathetic just because we kicked their stinky asses in the opening game in their ground. All this that they have done, all our anger against them now, will be reflected from us in the final on them. We will meet them in the final and we will show them we are the wrong people for them to get racist on.

P.S. Can I post the article in my blog?

1/25/2007 6:39 PM  
Blogger Lym said...

Apparently, a few Omanis had their cars trashed after the opening game in the UAE. As soon as they see an Omani plate number, they would break the windows, key their cars, and ram into it.

I don't know why, they're trying to keep this news on the down low. "They" said, they would fix their cars, but the Omanis should not tell a soul, and if "you" try to discuss it on the radio, you are gonna be cut off.

Only God knows why no one wants to confront this problem, instead they're pretending that everything is fine.

I hope we meet UAE in the final, and kick their asses. I only hope they won't torch our houses as a result. *Pssst*

1/25/2007 11:33 PM  
Blogger TI3GIB said...

A lot, who are probably the majority, of Emarati fans are just as furious about how things like those were being said at an official press confrence.

Most of them, too, agree that it was an ignorant few who threw bottles at the referee at the opening match and the laser incident with Ali Al-Habsi.

The few sore losers don't speak for the whole Emarati nation, so let's not judge them based on that.

1/26/2007 12:14 AM  
Blogger Arabian Princess said...

I agree with ti3jib, I will not judge emaratis based on the those incidents of breaking cars and lazer on Ali's Eyes.. its some ignorant few who dont know how to deal with losing a match (we have them here in Oman too by the way) .. but what I dont understand how someone like Al Sirkal say something like this? and how the organizers of Khaleeji accept that thier guests would be treated this way and denied thier fans to get entry into the stadium. this should be dealt with, we are talking here a country to a country's relation .. not citezen to citizen!!
Oman Tv also wrote some complain how they are treated there .. they were denied a room to boardcast from though they paid like everyone did ..
bottom line, this time's organiztion is the worst so far!!

1/26/2007 2:41 AM  
Blogger Arabian Prince said...

Woah! It's quite obvious that you're all a bunch of unhappy fans hehe.

a7medino: Of course you can post the article in your blog bro! :) Oh and what's up with talking about politics and then saying that you don't want to bring politics into this issue? :p

lym: I've heard similar stories about Omani fans being taunted and insulted. And as you mentioned, it's really worrying that they're pretending that everything is fine.

ti3gib: You've got a good point there that we should always keep in mind. I personally would hate to be judged unfairly due to a select few that poorly represent the rest of the Omani nation. But in reality, all of this is inevitable unfortunately and I think it's mainly due to our tendencies in human nature.

arabian princess: You've raised some good points. In fact the article mainly criticizes high ranking officials like Al-Sirkal and not so much the Emarati people's reactions. I couldn't agree more that all in all the organization isn't up to standards.

The saddest part is that if such sporting events were held elsewhere they would strive to bring people together before anything else, and this is what it should be all about, but sadly enough that's not what's happening here! :s

1/27/2007 10:25 PM  
Anonymous Sam said...


1/31/2007 4:42 PM  
Anonymous Sam said...

Sitting among all my Emarati friends, I sure had my share of taunts last night for supporting the Omani team. Aside from how unfairly the Omani citizens and TV crew were treated, the game itself was far from fair, and although I'd expect Gulf games to lack some decency, I didn't think it'd go this far.

1/31/2007 4:42 PM  
Blogger NiGhTFaCe said...

One of the MBC reporters said, UAE might use the legal & illegal ways to win this cup. I guess that explains everything!

2/02/2007 9:17 AM  
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2/02/2007 5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is really good read - thanks for shring


3/01/2007 5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I meant


3/01/2007 5:23 PM  
Blogger pasha said...

i'm not into soccer that much - at all you can even say. but i am into things that have to do with sportsmanship and so on. i am an Emarati, and this news shocked me. i didn't know all this happened and like someone commented, it was kept down low. its a shame to all of us and i would like to apologize on behalf of the Emarati citizens who know this was a stupid act that could only be done by people who carry no respect. but i'd also want to make it clear that this was a small group of people and not the majority. Oman is not just a country to us, it is part of us. and we do respect it as a nation and we respect its people. what kind of life is this when soccer, a game, comes between countries and separates them?

3/15/2007 4:16 AM  
Blogger Sariya Al-Ismaili said...

This issue truly bothers me! The final match in GulfCup 18 (Oman vs UAE) seriously disturbed me! The fact that they were boo-ing Ali Al-Habsi, whlst he was recieving th "Bes goali" award, it was very disrespectful! I just hope that non of this drama wil be happening during teh next Gulf cup that will take place here :)

1/08/2008 6:38 AM  
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